Mathematics - AS and A Level

Exam Board: EDEXCEL

Introduction to the Course

Mathematics is the science of number, quantity and space. AS and A2 are the further development of GCSE concepts to allow problem solving in the real world. It is divided into Pure, Mechanics and Statistics.

Entry Requirements

Standard entry requirements including: a Grade 7 at Higher Tier in GCSE Mathematics.

You will be required to sit an assessment. The assessment does not require any knowledge beyond GCSE. It assesses your ability to use and apply your knowledge and your ability to think through problems and select appropriate techniques.

Students need to enjoy the subject and must have a positive attitude and be prepared to work consistently. Students need to be aware that Mathematics is not an easy option.

Course Content

Students will undertake the following sections of study:

Pure Mathematics 1

Proof, Algebra and functions, Coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Exponentials and Logarithms, Differentiation, Integration and Vectors.

Pure Mathematics 2

Proof, Algebra and functions, Coordinate Geometry in the (x,y) plane, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Differentiation, Integration and Numerical methods.

Section A: Statistics

Statistical sampling, Data Presentation and Interpretation, Probability, Statistical Distributions and Statistical Hypothesis Testing.

Section B: Mechanics

Quantities and units in mechanics, Kinematics, Forces and Newton’s laws and Moments.


There are two papers sat at AS Level:

Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics is marked out of 100

Paper 2 – Statistics and Mechanics is marked out of 50.

AS Level Paper 1 assesses the same content as A2 level

Paper 1, but at an AS level of difficulty.

There are three papers sat at A2 Level all examinations are marked out of 100.

Future Career Progression

You will be able to combine Mathematics with any other subject; recent research shows that people with A Level Mathematics (any Grade) earn, on average, 10% more than those without. An A Level in Mathematics is the key to almost any opportunity.

Download Course Expectations (PDF).