Code of Conduct

  1. You are expected to be punctual for all lessons and form time in line with the school day. Students arriving after 9.15am, for whatever reason, are marked as absent for the entire morning session and a letter will be required from parents.
  2. In the event of an unavoidable absence you should bring a note to explain your absence when you return to school. Unexplained absence will require us to contact your parents. You must arrange to catch up on all missed work. You are expected to complete all work set to a high standard and to hand it in on time.
  3. You should organise your weekly study timetable to allow equal time for each subject – approximately 5 hours per subject.
  4. If problems arise in a subject, it is your responsibility to see your subject teacher to discuss and try to solve the problems.
  5. You are expected to act as a role model to younger students and conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. You should treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. This is particularly important during break and lunch times when students should refrain from meeting up on the grassed areas on Common Lane.
  6. WG6 pin badge and Lanyard must be worn at all times for safeguarding. There will be a cost to replace lost badges or cards.
  7. You must be registered every lesson. During study periods you must register with the Student Manager – they will also have a copy of available free rooms for study purposes.
  8. Home Study for Year 13 is by arrangement with Form Tutor, Student Manager or Learning Coordinator. You will need to be registered at 1.45pm with the Student Manager. The school reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of home study if there is any cause for concern.
  9. All students must sign in late at reception if they arrive after 8.55am or 1.50pm. Students leaving to go home or off site must sign out at reception.
  10. You must take pride in your appearance and adhere to the Sixth Form Dress Code Please note: Students will be sent home to change if they are inappropriately dressed