WG6 Elective Programme

Our successful Elective programme promotes the life-skills needed for everyday life, develops “soft skills” that employers and universities look for, while also giving students the opportunity to find out more about their interests; and teaches students' the skills they need to make good choices now and in the future. In meeting this aim, we offer an exciting range of activities which students can be involved in: 

An extensive Elective programme for Year 12 which includes sport, online courses, Mindfulness and volunteering. 

  • Skills workshops (Elevate)
  • Peer Mentoring
  • National Citizenship Programme 
  • Debating Society
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Student Leadership
  • Adventures and Trips 
  • Work Experience
  • Awareness courses and briefings including sessions on mental health amongst young people, Driving awareness through No turning Back seminar, Drug Awareness and Teambuilding. 
  • Developing students’ employability skills, many of which are embedded in aspects of learning – attendance, punctuality, time management, resilience, motivation, communication skills and team work.  

Our WG6 Electives booklet showing the breath and range of activities can be read by clicking here


What our Elective programme involves

Electives form part of the extra and super curricular activities that students can choose to do beyond their academic pursuits and the normal requirements of their life in sixth form. Taking part in Elective and additional extra-curricular activities helps to develop skills that will prepare students for life and the world of work. 

The core areas for our programme are, work-related learning, community participation, and personal development. Examples within these areas include voluntary work at local primary schools and care homes, activities such as sport, arts, societies, and work experience. 

This programme works in conjunction with the careers programme as both are to designed to enable all students to develop the skills necessary for the world of work. For example, Elevate, which is designed to complement students’ studies and help them perform more effectively at school develops good organisational skills that can be used in the wider working world. 

Benefits to students

These additional opportunities extend students’ education and personal growth whilst helping students to pursue their own areas of interest and strengths. It provides evidence of how a student has a wide array of skills and achievements beyond their subject grades. This can look good on applications when students apply for higher education, jobs or apprenticeships.  Transferable skills learnt throughout the programme may include self-confidence, leadership skills, commitment, self-motivation and good time-management.

Benefits to the local community

Our students volunteering within the community includes supporting younger students at primary school in a range of lessons. In the community it includes visiting a local Care home as a team to socialise and support the elderly.

Working with WG6

We hope for this programme will continue to go from strength to strength. If you are involved in a local charity or caring organisation that would benefit from our students volunteering then please email: office@wg6.co.uk