Sixth Form Expectations

This is a brief highlight of what is expected by choosing to attend an academic sixth form. It is important that you recognise that we will support you as well as challenge you to be the best version of yourself whilst developing your love of learning.

Your sixth form experience is what you make it!

HIGH EXPECTATIONS – We expect you to be aspirational, to strive to achieve your targets and goals.  We will guide and support you as well but it will be vital that you understand how you can influence your own success whilst in the Sixth Form. You will need to be fully committed in terms of attendance, work ethic, behaviour, dress code, time management and personal organisational skills. 

Elective:  Every Year 12 student is expected to complete the Elective programme of activities on a Wednesday afternoon from the selected list. This will provide you with the chance to develop your skills in areas outside of your academic studies.  This is a year long commitment.

Sixth Form Study:  There will be timetabled private study sessions for Year 12 to work independently.

Students are expected to be in school every day from 8.45 to 3.30

(Wednesday is an exception with a 2.30pm finish)

Homework/independent study:  At AS/ A2 Level you are expected to do a great deal of independent research and wider reading. You should be spending an additional 5 hours per subject per week outside of lessons on homework and additional research

Paid Work:  Limit paid work to 9 hours per week and not work during the school day.

Academic Monitoring: You will receive a target grade for each subject in September. Your progress will be measured and monitored across the year.

Careers:  You will be supported with a dedicated careers adviser and follow a comprehensive careers education programme.  A goal for your future is vital.

Work Experience: All Year 12 students must complete agreed work experience.

Study rooms: The use of these additional facilities are a Sixth Form privilege.