Dress Code

Sixth Form Business Dress Code    

A dress code is important as it helps to ensure there is parity for all students and it ensures there is respect for the whole school community. Dress code and appearance of sixth formers must reflect the senior position in school and it therefore needs to be decent, safe and appropriate to a school setting. This may mean that this is very different to the choices adopted in your personal life.

  • Students must wear a plain, matching business tailored 2- or 3-piece suit (in colours black, navy or grey) with a collared shirt and tie or blouse or round necked top. Girls may also wear tailored matching dresses if they wish.
  • A matching, plain suit jacket must be worn at all times around the school site, apart from during warm weather, as directed by staff.
  • Shoulders and midriffs should be covered.  There should be no logos.
  • Tailored skirts and dresses need to be of an appropriate length, just above the knee.
  • Plain jumpers are permitted during winter months, but the suit jacket must still be worn.
  • Smart footwear should be worn - no boots or trainers.
  • Headscarves are not allowed - except for religious reasons.
  • No extreme coloured hair. Extensions or dyed hair needs to be of a natural colour.
  • No hoodies, denim, leggings, short tight fitted skirts or strappy tops should be worn.
  • Make-up (including nails) and jewellery (including earrings) should be discrete. No visible body piercing or tattoos are permitted. Only clear nose studs will be permitted.
  • No outdoor coats or earphones to be worn inside buildings or to assemblies.
  • WG6 lanyard, ID badge & pin badge must be worn at all times for safeguarding