Attendance & Punctuality

  1. There is a strong correlation between attendance and achievement. You must strive for at least 95% attendance.
  2.  You must arrive promptly to all lessons, Supervised Study sessions and form time. Students arriving after 9.15am are marked as absent for the entire morning session and a letter will be required from parents. You must sign in late at reception if you arrive after 8.55am or 1.50pm. This will be recorded and the time will be made up during the school day with student managers.
  3. Persistent lates will be subject to a staged warning with a parent meeting.
  4. Students leaving to go home or off site must sign out at main school reception.
  5. In the event of an unavoidable absence contact must be made with the base site as soon as possible. A note will be needed to explain the absence upon return to school. Letters will be sent home to query unexplained absences. All missed work MUST be caught up including any homework.
  6. Absences will only be authorised if there is a strong link to academic study, career planning or education related events.  Only a maximum of 3 university visits will be authorised.
  7. If you are ill during the school day you must report to the Sixth Form Office, member of the sixth form team or the main school office at either site. Your parents will be contacted.
  8. Home study will only be granted if students are meeting or exceeding target grades.

    To report an absence or to notify the school of any medical appointment please email our Attendance Officers on one of the below emails (dependent upon whether you are based at the boys' or girls' site).  Please ensure you report any absences by 8am stating your full name, Year and Form

For extended absences please contact the school immediately.