Careers Support

Wilmington Grammar Sixth Form (WG6) are committed to the academic and personal development of all sixth form students and want to ensure all students build and maintain the skills and knowledge needed for the next step of their career journey.

The support in sixth form is more specialised as students select their university course or make applications for employment or apprenticeships. Whilst some sixth formers have definite plans, most need guidance. Our guiding principle is that each student must decide for themselves which courses and institutions are most suitable for them: our role is to help them to arm themselves with personal guidance and good quality information that is discovered through personal research. Please view the documents at the bottom of this page to explore further information about the support we provide.

We encourage and support students to start exploring through research, networking, gaining work experience, and taking opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their next step. Students have access to a wide variety of workshops, online tools and information, and one-to-one personal guidance to help with exploring options and raising aspirations. There is also support for parent/carers during this important phase with information evenings offered to provide answers to any questions and queries.

WG6 work collaboratively with other organisations including education and training providers and employers to help students start to build up the contacts and work experience that are so essential as they prepare for life beyond WG6. If you are a provider able to support our programme please refer to our Provider Access Statement on the main school pages.


We continuously evaluate the impact of the careers programme, analyse destinations data, track student progression after they leave school and consider student, parent/carer, employer and teacher views.

This feedback is used to inform decisions about the future development of our careers programme and feeds into the whole-school process of evaluation. Evaluation provides insight into the effectiveness of our careers programme, thus views from different stakeholders are important.


We value our connection with former students and welcome them sharing experiences and expertise at our networking events. If you are an alumnus of the school, we would invite you to follow us on LinkedIn.

Careers Leader

The WG6 Careers Programme is managed by the heads of sixth form and is reviewed in conjunction with the whole school careers programme.  The next review is due in May 2025. Please contact Mr Watson, 01322 223090 or Mr Atkins, 01322 226351 in the first instance.