Student Destinations

Destinations for WG6 Students 

The majority of our students go on to study in Higher Education, including Russell Group universities. Higher Level Degree Apprenticeships are also a popular route.

We encourage each student to follow their own path, drawing on their strengths and interests to forge a future that will continue to engage and inspire them.

A selection of our school alumni career paths can be viewed by clicking here

Destination Cohort 2019 Cohort 2018 Cohort 2017
University 78.8% 74.1% 78.5%
Higher/Degree Apprenticeship 8.7% 8% 10.3%
Further Study/College 4.8% 6.3% 0.9%
GAP Year 3%  3.6% 2.7%
Employment 4.3% 8% 7.6%