Politics - A Level only

Exam Board: EDEXCEL

Entry Requirements

Grade 9-6 in English Language is expected (It is preferable if students also have studied History at GCSE and achieved Grade 6 or better).

Why is it interesting?

Everything that happens in daily life is connected to politics from Brexit through to University Tuition fees, funding of the NHS, road tax and maintenance to house prices and unemployment. Politics provides a sense of the modern world in which we live and gets to grips with the debates that affect day to day life in the UK. We live in a complex world with significant challenges, including global terrorism, poverty, economic instability, weapons proliferation, failing states and environmental degradation. These challenges require global co-operation if they are to be resolved. Studying Global politics gives students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the local, national, international and global dimensions of political activity. Global politics encourages discussion and debate and requires students to study and present different global perspectives, as well as interpreting competing and contestable claims. You will also develop an understanding where political ideas come from and what has shaped opinions about how our society should function.

What skills and knowledge will I develop by studying this subject?

You will develop research skills and critical thinking to allow you to act discernibly when assimilating information online, via news media, newspapers, magazines and evaluate information that is relevant to a specific line of enquiry. Students will develop their essay-writing skills, learning how to structure their ideas effectively and construct a cogent and well supported argument. A significant proportion of lessons will be spent debating and discussing theories, issues and key political events of the day, allowing students to develop their communication skills as well. Successful candidates will be able to work independently or in small groups as required.

This course would be suitable for students who have the following skills and interests:

Enthusiasm about UK and Global Political issues. A keen interest in debating current affairs and enjoy participation in discussing these issues. A background in History and a willingness to read in depth articles about political issues. High levels of motivation, organisation and a willingness to get involved in supporting school and community issues such as student leadership teams and local political groups such as Dartford Youth Council etc.

What career pathways are open to me if I study this subject?

• Law

• Journalism

• National & Local government

• Civil Service

• Teaching

• Research

This subject complements a huge array of potential career paths due to the diverse issues it covers.

Assessment Overview

Unit 1 –1 hour 45 min exam (33% of final Grade)

Unit 2 – 1 hour 45 min exam (33% of final Grade)

Unit 3 –1 hour 45 min exam (33% of final Grade)