Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) - AS only

Exam Board: EDEXCEL

Expectations of Independent Study

• Independent investigation, research and analysis on chosen topic

• Personal organisation to meet deadlines.

• Planning, development and completion of final piece

Entry Requirements

Standard entry requirements.

Why is it interesting?

The Extended Project requires students to create a single piece of work, requiring a high degree of planning, preparation and autonomous working. The projects that students complete will differ by subject, but all will require persistence over time and research skills to explore a subject independently in real depth.

All projects must include a written report of approximately 5000 words. However, this will depend on the nature of the project undertaken. Students can complete their project as a dissertation, investigation, artefact or performance. The project will conclude with a short presentation to a nonspecialist audience.

What skills and knowledge will I develop by studying this subject?

Students may study any topic they wish; there is no requirement for students to study an area within the range of subjects offered at A Level. Students may wish to study a topic related to the subject that they intend to study at university or an area of special interest. All students will attend seminars with a supervisor to support their planning. Success on this course will require strong self-motivation and excellent organisational skills. The Extended Project Qualification is worth a maximum of 28 UCAS points for an A* Grade.

This course would be suitable for students who have the following skills and interests:

• Strong motivation

• Ability to research independently

• Excellent research skills

• Project management

• Decision-making

• Problem solving

• Critical thinking

What career pathways are open to me if I study this subject?

An Extended Project is an excellent way to build up and develop research skills whilst learning how to be more critical and analytical in evaluations. It presents a unique opportunity to examine a subject in considerable depth and uncover new interests whilst working towards qualification.

Universities view the Extended Project very positively. The Extended Project gives students the opportunity to develop independent learning skills (e.g. project management, decision-making, problem-solving, planning research, critical thinking) that are important at university but which are undeveloped during A Level courses. Many universities will offer lower Grades based on an excellent Extended Project result.

Assessment Overview

• Completion of a detailed activity log

• Written report

• Short presentation of the process and the final project

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