Enrichment Opportunities

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment is a very important part of your studies in Year 12 and gives you access to new opportunities and experiences beyond the school curriculum. Your experiences in your chosen enrichment activity should help you improve on your communication skills, self confidence and life experience.

Enrichment sessions are scheduled during block E – Wed period 5&6, Thurs period 1&2 or Fri period 3&4. All of Year 12 will sign up to at least two activities which will run over two periods Oct – Dec and Jan – April. There are some activities which will last the whole year.

What’s the point?!

One of the big things that universities, art colleges and employers are looking for is all round experience. With so many people applying for each place it is vital that you show not only academic ability, but interest and skills in other areas. You can apply for university with straight A’s but unless you demonstrate interest and experience in other areas you may not get offered the place. In an interview you will have something personal and unique to talk about .

Thinking of going into medicine, veterinary science or midwifery?

Most of these courses require potential applicants to undertake community work or work experience prior to applying. The enrichment scheme will provide you with the opportunity to do this

Most importantly the more you put into Enrichment, the more benefits you get out of it. Apply early for the activity of your choice to ensure you are doing something you will enjoy.

What can I do?

Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership

The Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership is a nationally recognised qualification that enables successful learners to lead groups of people in sport, under indirect supervision. The qualification teaches leadership skills such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through sport. It is a fun and practical qualification with no entrance requirements or final examinations to sit.


Interact is a great opportunity to work with students across both sites and with the local Rotary Club to organise fund raising for worthwhile causes both in the UK and abroad. Support is given through the rotary club.

Self-organised Charity work or volunteering

If you have a specific interest that VSU cannot help you with. This is an ideal way to help involve yourself within your local community by committing to something on a regular basis. This option will also require some personal drive and organisation to ensure this is arrange for September.

Primary Schools

We currently have links with two Primary Schools where you can go and help the pupils with their Mathematics skills. You only need to know the basics of Maths, and it is an excellent chance to work with younger year groups. This has proven to be an extremely popular choice. You can organise your own if you prefer.

Visiting Wilmington Manor (6 places only)

This has proved to be a popular choice for the last couple of years and involves you visiting the residents at Wilmington Manor, the local residential home. There is a good link with the home and residents really look forward to the weekly visit from students. This is a very rewarding experience which would be great experience for anyone, particularly those going into health or social care. There are only 6 places available.


Students who wish to pursue an issue in a specific area of study can complete one or two Futurelearn courses. These have been written by university tutors and help to give a taste for undergraduate study with online support available. They can be a good addition to a personal statement or CV. You will be encouraged to develop your research and critical thinking skills.

Work Experience Placement

You can choose to continue with your Year 10/Year 11 Work Experience placement or organise a new one. Popular choices have previously included Primary Education, volunteering at hospices and GP clinics and the Citizen Advice Bureau (for Law courses). More competitive courses at universities will look for those who have undertaken work experience in their field of choice. As well as the choices form, you will also need to get the attached permission slip signed and return both to Mr Sodhi.

Sixth Form Sport & Fitness

There is a range of sixth form sport offered including Rugby, Football, Netball, Squash or use of the gym facilities at WGSB site. If you have a particular interest let us know and we will try to see if we can accommodate it for you. There may be a cost involved in some of these activities and some will need minimum numbers to run.

Peer Mentoring (15 places at each site)

This a role that requires full commitment and dedication as well as a desire to work with younger students. Peer mentors will all receive child protection training and Mentoring training from Special Educational Needs teachers. They will be assigned a Year 7,8 or 9 pupil to meet every Wednesday lunch time to help them with homework, classwork, friendship problems or emotional support they may need. Peer mentors will also be rotated to work at 1 or 2 drop in sessions every term to be available for any KS3 pupil who needs support. There will also be follow up sessions during enrichment time every Wednesday afternoon. This role would suit anyone interested in a career in the health care and teaching professions.