Business - AS and A Level

Exam Board: EDEXCEL

Introduction to the Course

This is a wide ranging course containing a number of elements which are taught in modular form but which are also integrated through the use of case studies.

Frequent reference is made to live business stories and the department makes extensive use of current affairs to support student learning. Students are taught business theory in order to solve business problems e.g., financing expansion abroad, strategies for cutting work forces.

Entry Requirements

Standard entry requirements. GCSE Business Studies is useful, though not compulsory but at least Grade 6 is required if studied at GCSE. An interest in current affairs is extremely important in determining how much a student will succeed and be engaged by this subject.

Theme 1: Marketing and People

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • Meeting customer needs
  • Marketing mix and strategy
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Managing people

Theme 2: Managing Business Activities

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • Raising finance
  • Managing finance
  • External influences
  • Resource management

Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy

This develops the concepts introduced in Theme 2

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • Business objectives and strategy
  • Decision-making techniques
  • Assessing competitiveness
  • Managing change

Theme 4: Global Business

This develops the concepts introduced in Theme 1

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • Global marketing (multinational corporations)
  • Global markets and business
  • Global industries and companies

AS Level: The 1 Year AS Level course has the same content as the first year of the A2 Level course and therefore students can take the AS exam at the end of Year 12 whilst being taught in the A Level group.

A Level: This is a 2 year course with all module exams taken at the end of the 2-year period.

  • Paper 1 (themes 1 and 4) written examination
  • Paper 2 (themes 2 and 3) written examination
  • Paper 3 (all themes) local, national & global – written examination with pre-release case study

Future Career Progression

The qualification will obviously help in any business-related degree. However, it also has applications in any career; the student will learn about motivational techniques, personal as well as business finance and legal employment issues. The breadth of subjects covered may provide leads for the student then to study one of these specialist topics at university.

Download Course Expectations (PDF).