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Posted on: 23/06/2021

Angela Garcia is a Y12 WG6 student studying English Literature, Media Studies, French and Spanish.  In this week’s blog Angela has contributed a piece highlighting her own experience of WG6 and Future’s Week, together with tips that she has found useful:

Futures Week.  Education has taken a tremendous hit during the covid-19 pandemic and many students feel like they have been left behind in terms of their educational progress, with lockdown restriction making students and teachers alike adapt to virtual schooling and teaching, it’s been a hard start to Year 12, one with many unprecedented situations such as; not being able to see family and friends or adapting to restrictions, however that shouldn't stop us from thinking about our future. We’re back to school with new measures put in place to reduce the spread of Covid-19 this includes a one-way system which at times can be irritating, hand sanitising, testing and wearing face coverings.  Many students find it hard to think about the future or have an optimistic approach to where they want to be years later from now, some might be feeling confused or uncertain and these are challenges that the Future’s Week at WG6 has allowed us to confront.

Future’s Week at WG6 included; coaching sessions that provided students with support on what their next steps might be, talks from teachers and universities to help students decide on what they would like to do in the future as well as offered a package of information, for example, there was a talk about the financial side of university which I’m sure for many students was hugely insightful and helpful. Future’s Week has made students think about their future and whom they wish to be going forward. Despite the challenges, we must take the challenges we’ve faced as part of the learning process to make a better future for ourselves. I personally, before Future Week, had a rather dismal outlook of my future and all I could think was how it’s going to be impacted negatively by Covid-19 to the point that the future wasn’t something I wanted to think about. However, Future’s Week has made me realise the support that’s out there from my teachers at WG6 and it made me more optimistic because it allowed me to organise myself and think about what I want to achieve. 

During the last day of Future's Week, we did a personal statement workshop. Personal statements have been something that I believe many students have been struggling with, including myself and this workshop has given us the time to put our heads down and write an amazing personal statement that will be key in us being accepted in our chosen universities. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Future’s Week and found it informative and helpful.

Covid-19 is not over and there are still many restrictions in place, we are not able to attend universities open days as we usually would have before covid and it has made it harder for students to gain work experience. Here are a few tips that I’ve personally used as a way to replace these restrictions:

  • Virtual open days- many universities today offer virtual open days, and I know it is not the same but we have to make do with what we have and find a way to make the situation better. Since we’re not able to visit universities make sure you check out their virtual open days to gain a better insight and understanding of the university you wish to go to.
  • Virtual tours- Universities also do video tours where they’ll take you on a virtual tour of their campus, facilities, student’s union and more. If you feel like knowing more about the school it’s something worth checking out.
  • Some universities offer live sessions to allow students to discover more about the university they wish to go to and how to make the transition from sixth form to university. You’ll have the opportunity to gain insight into career’s opportunities, study skills and support. Some universities also offer the opportunity for you to talk to a student and ask them about university life or any questions you might have.

Covid-19 doesn’t have to be the thing that defines us, but something that propels us to look forwards towards the future and the only time when we’re allowed to look back on the past is to see the challenges we overcame and how far we’ve come, we are not the past, we are the way forwards.

Written by Angela Garcia of Y12

Our WG6 Team have delivered a programme of taster lessons, visiting speakers and interactive session for our Year 12 Futures Week.

Coaching sessions were provided to help support students make their next step decisions including an interview skills workshop as well as support in drafting personal statements for university applications and understanding apprenticeships.

Miss Agyemang delivered a Studying Sociology and Criminology at University session with a group of keen year 12 students.  It was a highly interactive session that saw students track the life course of individuals from different backgrounds and discuss the extent to which our pathways are predetermined. The session also gave a valuable insight into post-18 options at a variety of universities and conversations on the career prospects available to Sociology and Criminology graduates. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative afternoon!


A Landscape Architecture talk was delivered by Tom La Dell, from Landscape Architecture & Ecology at Stocks.


A speaker from City University London delivered a talk on ‘studying in London’ providing an insight into university life and highlighting factors for students to consider when making their university choices.


Dr Sweeney (based at WGSB) delivered an instructive and interactive session to students who are planning to pursue a career in Medicine.  Dr Sweeney spoke frankly and from first-hand experience about the enrolment process and university requirements, providing a clear insight into what is required and support to follow their chosen pathway.


Mrs Tiddy along with Ms Wakeling and Miss Smith delivered workshops on interview skills and techniques and how to make the best of yourself whether it is for university, apprenticeship or employment. They all provided tips and guidance to ensure students make the most of every opportunity along the whole application process as well as how to be reflective and learn from any mistakes.


Mrs Martin, Careers Adviser and Work Experience Coordinator presented a session during Futures Week on higher and degree apprenticeships to highlight the value and opportunities they represent.  Mrs Martin provided resources and links to websites for students to explore the broad range of qualifications and careers available.


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